We receive a growing number of complaints and evidence about fake capacitors in the market. Several persons, based especially in China but also in other countries, are offering and selling counterfeit products, abusing our brands ELECTRONICON and EKG, our technology brands such as MKPg and MKP, forging our product specifications and even our certificates and documents (such as Certificate of Origin).

All ELECTRONICON power capacitors are manufactured and tested in Germany. They are provided with a data matrix code containing specific reference to production batch, individual test number and more information related to the product.

If in doubt about the origin of an “ELECTRONICON” or “EKG” labelled product, or products offered to you which are claimed to be manufactured by ELECTRONICON, you should

  • scan the data matrix code and enter the FULL AMOUNT of scanned information into our query form
  • add exact information about time, source and quantity  of the purchased items
  • add details how to make contact with you
  • upload photographic information if available

We will analyse your information as soon as possible and confirm the origin of the goods.